The Importance of Fans… I Mean Supporters

Real fast note: Sorry for no post last week. I was halfway done the rough draft of this post, and planned to finish it Wednesday night, but the power went out, and my laptop was at 11%, soooo…
Alright, onto the actual post!

I would like to say that writing is a solitary experience, but then… I’d be lying.

Don’t get me wrong. I usually like to have the house (or at least the room) to myself when I actually sit down at the computer to type. And sometimes, admittedly, I get upset when I’m brainstorming while stocking shelves, and a customer interrupts my train of thoughts, but overall, a writer needs other people.

I like to call these people my Fan Club… I mean Support Group.

They push me to write, even when I’m not motivated. They pick me up when I’m down, emotionally, physically, or mentally. They’re the reason I stick to my self imposed deadlines, because I know most of my fa~supporters are reading this post now.

This isn’t just me, though. I know, most of you writers out there are introverts. And sometimes, it’s hard making friends, building the connections you need in your life, and maintaining them. But I also know the journey of a writer can be a lonely one if you don’t have your own support group. Even if it’s just one cheerleader in your corner.

This post is more then just advice to my fellow writers though. It’s an appreciation post to the cheerleaders in my corner. Time to get a little personal.

My Family

You have been there for me from the start. You constantly pushed me to become better at my hobbies, my school work, and anything I pursued. You supported my decision to become a teacher going into college (even if you didn’t agree, Dad), and celebrated when I switched my major to writing (again, looking at you, Dad). I don’t know if all of you agreed with me to become a Video Game writer, but you never tried to talk me out of it either. Most of you supported my decision to go to Full Sail University just a month after Graduating Lock Haven, and you all helped me where you could. Even now, when I’m out of school and working on my career, you support me the best you can, and constantly give me ideas on how to advance my career. And for all of that… thank you.

My Friends

You all are one crazy group of people. I might have only just met most of you last year, but I already feel close to all of you. And even if all of you don’t read this (Mahad), in your own way, you all support me as well, be it giving my ideas through our crazy misadventures, or being there to cheer me up when I need it. I might not always show when I do need it, but just hanging out with all of you cheers me up. And contrary to popular belief, depression does NOT make for better writing.


My Boyfriend, Larry

You deserve your own blurb. You are a constant source of inspiration for me. You pick me up when I’m down, even when you don’t know I’m down. Despite how much you love spending time with me, you realize the importance of my writing time, and don’t interrupt it. You’ve also given me so many new experiences, and helped me realize how important having other people in my life actually is. It’s because of you that I’ve realized the importance of one of your favorite quotes; the one that now adorns the homepage of this site. “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” ~ Ernest Hemingway. I appreciate everything you’ve done and will continue to do for me. Always.



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