Peddler’s Village

“In order to write about life, first you must live it.”

This quote  made famous by Ernest Hemingway, is one that I strive to live my life by. Because of this, I’m posting this week about one my experiences, rather than about just writing.

This past weekend, my parents visited from out of state. It was beautiful, so we decided to visit Peddler’s Village.

Peddler’s Village, located in Lahaska, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a historic, colonial-style village full of shops, restaurants, and inns. They usually hold all kinds of events, from this coming weekend’s “Spring Fling,” to an Apple Festival in November, and even an amazing Christmas lighting ceremony during the holidays.

My parents and I got there first, and we walked around, just enjoying the peaceful day.  There was a wine tasting event happening in the square in front of the Free Will Brewing Taproom, but none of us participated. We did stop in Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn, where they had all kinds of flavors! Wasabi Ranch, Pumpkin Spice, even “Just Pickle”! I ended up deciding on Sweet Habanero (which was gone by the end of the night), while my dad was boring and got Caramel.

Once the rest of my family arrived, we walked around, visiting the beautiful Lighthouse Gallery, the Lahaska Bookstore, and The Lucky Cupcake Village Bakery. We ended the day by eating at the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant, a restaurant that serves American classics in a colonial style setting. It was almost kind of fancy, but the food was delicious!

Over all, it was a beautiful, relaxing day. We didn’t do anything TOO exciting, but it was still fun. Who knows. Maybe I’ll use Peddler’s Village as inspiration in one of my stories one day.

Just a head up, guys. Next week’s post will be on Saturday. I will be in New York next week, so I won’t have time to write it. But the next one will be about New York!


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