Prompt Writing: The Stranger (Death Part One)

Hey guys! Sorry for going MIA last week. I really did plan on posting! But I had a few things come up, that, with luck, will pan out. Don’t worry, loyal readers, I will keep you posted!

For now, I have run out of topics again. Time to turn to my prompt book!

Last time I did this, there was a bit of confusion as to what that meant, and a few people thought I had copied The Severed Hand from my book. I did not. Writing prompts are words, sentences, or phrases that inspire a story.

In that case, the prompt had been “A woman is helping her recently widowed friend in the garden. As she turns the petunia bed to prepare it for planting, she uncovers a severed hand.”

I also want to introduce the book I’m using. It is called The Write Stuff (haha, puns. Gotta love it!), by the Taconic Writers. It has “500 Prompts to Jumpstart your writing,” and is even full of tips for starting your own novel. For those who have read my blog from the beginning, this is the book I bought from Peddler’s Village.

Also! For you writers out there. If you want to take any prompt I use, and write your own story to it, feel free to do so… and send it to me! I’d be very interested!

One last thing: This story will be split into parts. Look for part two next week!

Alright. Enough talk about this. Here we go!

Today’s Prompt: Great Stories often begin with the arrival of a stranger. Have the stranger make a grand entrance, and then take it from there.

Don’t let anyone lie to you. Dying? Yeah, not fun. And definitely not what I expected.

There was no dark tunnel with a light at the end of it. No loved ones there to greet me as my soul left my body. My life didn’t even flash before my eyes.

No. The car struck me at 85 MPH, threw me about 100 ft, and I slammed into the pavement headfirst. Sound painful? I wouldn’t know. That is the one thing no one lies about. With an instant death, you don’t feel anything.

Instead, I just sat up. Without my body.

There was one other thing people tend to realize. There is a Grim Reaper. But oh boy, he was not what I was expecting.

Dazed from my unexpected flight, confused as to why I felt no pain and why I could see myself laying in a pool of blood, I slowly stood, looking around. The driver of my murder weapon got out of his car, eyes wide, face white, as a crowd of people surrounded the copy of me laying on the ground, screaming for someone to call 9-1-1.

“Tsk. Too late for that, wouldn’t you say?” a voice suddenly pipped up from next to me. I jumped and turned to find a man had suddenly appeared next to me.

Well, I say man, but he was more like a teenage boy, wearing a black hoodie and distressed black jeans. His hood was pulled up over his face, and he was playing on his cell. One interesting detail I noticed was a small phone charm (those are still in style?) that was a silver scythe.

“Huh?” I brilliantly articulated.

“Too late. To call 9-1-1. I mean…” he trailed off, looking between the copy of me on the ground, then me, “your spirit has already left your body. You’re dead.”

“Dead,” I repeated, looking at him, before suddenly sitting back on the ground. “What?”

“Huh.” The kid crouched in front of me. “Not the first time I’ve seen a ghost feel faint. But it’s always interesting, seeing as they have no corporal body and all.” He shrugged, standing and going back to his phone.

“Wait, if I’m a ghost, and you can see me… are you saying you’re the…?” I trailed off.

“The Grim Reaper? No, I’m just the boy next door.” He rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’m the Grim Reaper. Why does everyone ask me that?”

“Well, honestly… you’re not… like the legends say,” I pointed out. He smirked slightly, glancing up.

“Would you prefer a creepy skeleton in a flowing cloak with a huge weapon made specifically for reaping?”

“Um, no.”

“Okay then,” he said, looking back at his phone, just in time for it to declare Delicious!

“Are you playing Candy Crush?” I asked, incredulously.

“None of your business. Alright, let’s see…” he tapped a few times on his phone, hopefully exiting the game. “James Brunt. 28. Struck by car… hm… no heroic deeds, but no evil deeds, either. Ugh.” He rolled his eyes. “So now, I get to spend the day with you to decide where to send you,” he grumbled.

“Wait, what do you mean, where to send me?” I asked.

“Heaven or Hell. Duh,” he said, before suddenly grabbing my hand. A bangle of silver light appeare around my wrist. “There. Your spirit is bound to me for now, until I decide. That way, you can’t go wonding off and haunt something,” he said. I looked at the bangle, which now seemed more like a cuff.


“Okay, how this works is that I hang out with you for the day. We talk. You convince me your good, I send you up. You annoy me, or I become convinced you don’t deserve it, I snd you down. Got it?”

“Got it,” I said, looking back at him to see him on his phone again. Although, you’re already annoyed… this will be fun.

“Good. Come on, I’m needed else where.” And with that, my death chaperone vanished. A second later, I did too.

End Part One…

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