Overcoming Writer’s Block.

Here is a post for my fellow writers.

We’ve all been there. We have an AMAZING THING inside our head. We want to show the world this AMAZING THING. We have the skillset to create this AMAZING THING. So we sit at our laptops or our notebooks to start, and…

…hit a wall.

Or maybe we’ve been pounding away, creating this AMAZING THING, carving it into the page… and then hit the wall.

Oh, when we can’t sit down to write, the ideas flow to us, filling our minds with images of grander and fantasies of the whole world loving our work, and it ending all wars and famine and bringing peace to the world (wait, is that just me? Oh.), but… as soon as we sit at the paper, at the keyboard, the ideas abandon us.

Am I just not inspired enough? Am I in the right mood to write? Am I even good enough, or am I trash who calls herself “Writer” and gives all the other writers a bad name?

These thoughts might circle in your head, tormenting you, until you give up your quest to end all wars and famine.

And you’ll let Writer’s Block win.

So how do we overcome this evil, faceless enemy?

Here are your weapons.

  1. Go for a walk

This one helps me a lot. Not only does it get me away from the issue, it allows for a change of scenery. Sometimes I’ll walk in silence around my neighborhood or in one of the wooded areas near my house, sometimes I’ll listen to instrumental music. Either way, when the blood flows, the ideas flow.

2. Read a Book

Writers stand on the shoulders of giants. If you’re writing a book, find one in the same genre/subject matter as your’s, and read (even more effective if it’s one you’ve never read before!) If you’re writing television or a movie, find the scripts online, or actively watch (as opposed to passive watching, which is what we do for entertainment).

3. Take a Shower

Every human to have thought a thought knows that the best thoughts are thought of in the shower.

4. Make an Outline

This might seem obvious, but when I write, I need a map of where I’m going. If I don’t have one, I get lost, and hit a block. You can start out a story with an outline, or write one halfway into the story, once you hit your block.

5. Brain Storm/Research

Sometimes, you hit a block because you don’t know what you’re writing about. Need to know more about that supernatural creature you’re adding to your story? Research it! And sometimes, research can lead to a brainstorming session.

6. Write.

This might seem obvious, but oddly enough, it’s not often done. Write anything. Write a stream of conscious of anything that comes into your mind. Write what you see. Or prompts! I personally have three prompt books, all of which take residence on my writing desk. Loyal readers have seen some of the stories that have come from my  prompts, and they were only from the one. And if you don’t want to buy prompt books, Pinterest has plenty of interesting ones.

Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. If you wait until you’re “inspired”, or you procrastinate, that story will never get written. That AMAZING THING will stay stuck in your head until you forget it, and your AMAZING THING will never end wars and bring world peace if you’re the only one who knows about it.

Fellow writers! Leave a comment and let me know how you personally get over Writer’s Block!

Part 2 of the story I started last week will be posted on Saturday. No, I didn’t hit Writer’s Block. I got hit by a stomach bug Tuesday, and didn’t get to sit down to work on this till Wednesday night.

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