Dealing With Stress

Hey guys. Before I get started, I do need to tell you something. I know I’ve been promising part two of my Death story, but… I don’t really know where next to take it. It was also a quick prompt piece when I wrote I didn’t know what else to write.

So for now, that piece is either ended, or on hold (if I think of anything else for it).

But for now, we will discuss something else! Stress. We all know what this dirty s-word means, and we’ve all dealt with it in our lives. I’m currently dealing with a heavy dose of it myself due to private matters.

Because of this, I decided to write about ways to deal with stress.

1. Go for a walk

A walk through your neighborhood, or out in nature, is a great way to clear your head. The change of scenery and the exercise will help you shed the stress. It’ll also give you a chance to be removed from the situation to think through whatever it is that is stressing you out.

2. Physical Activity

Go for a run. Play a sport. Lift some weights. Exercise triggers endorphins in the brain, which triggers a positive feeling in the body. This can help a lot, because usually, stress drags the body down, and makes the person who is stressing to feel tired.

3. Hang out with friends

Meet up with friends. Go out and do something. Allow yourself to be distracted from the source of your stress. Or complain about it, and talk out possible solutions with your friends! Either way, having someone to lean on takes a huge amount of the burden from your own shoulders.

4. Have a creative outlet

Writing, painting, drawing, carving, etc. etc. Sometimes the act of creating is enough to allow you to get your stress out. It is also a lot healthier and much more productive then destroying something.

These are just a few of the ways I destress. I hope they help you, and allow you to move past the hard times in your life, and onto what truly matters, weather if be focusing on your future, or your family.

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