Revisiting New Years Resolutions

Okay, guys. Look! We made it halfway through 2018! Yay us!

But now that we’re six months in… how many of you stuck to those drunken, midnight resolutions made at midnight, while you were making out with someone? (Or in some cases, watching your friends make out).

Be honest. I know I haven’t.

Now, I know a lot of us probably did the usual ones: Loose weight, save money, save the world. Then there are those who probably did more unique ones. My goals for this year?

  1. Write Everyday (includes editing and actively brainstorming)
  2. Get my Driver’s License (don’t judge)

And you know what? It took me until just last week to start on that second one. Yes, a goal I made half a year ago, and I just started it. And honestly (shamefully) I haven’t written every day.

But you know what? That’s okay. This post is about revisiting those goals!

Some lives change a lot in six months, others, not so much. Are their goals you made that don’t work for you? That you don’t want? Then don’t feel obligated to continue working towards them. Make new ones! New Years isn’t the only time to start changing your life for the better.

Are you like me, who still wants to write everyday, and to get my driver’s license? Then stick with those goals. But believe me, just stating these goals is not enough.

Studies show that when you write your goals down, you’re more likely to gain them. Does your goal seem like a huge, unobtainable thing? Break it into steps! Take my goal for getting my driver’s license for example.


As you can see, I’ve broken my goal down into simple steps. The colored in box means I’ve completed that goal, while the half colored in ones means they’re in progress.

Writing is a little different. Because it is something I want to do everyday, I need to keep track of it that way. So, I use something that’s called a Pixel tracker!


I just made this as I was writing my post, and it now hangs over my writing desk in my room. The idea is to make a chart with the months along the top (here it’s July-December), and the the days, 1-31 along the side. I will color in a block for each day I write, with a different color corresponding to the type of writing I do (Black = N/A [as in the 31st on months that don’t have a 31st], Purple = Blog, Red = Career, Blue = Work, Green = Story, Light Blue = Prompt Writing, and Pink = Active Brainstorming). I like this one cause it’s colorful and depending on what I work on and when, can start looking a bit like a Tetris Game!

Of course, this is just one type of tracking system. Some people use “Don’t Break the Chain”, which consists of “if you do the thing, draw a line (or a chain for you artsy types) on that day on the calendar. This is a technique Jerry Seinfeld used to keep himself writing jokes everyday. Other’s use the marble technique, which is just having two mason jars, and one full of so many marbles. Each day you do the thing, you move a marble from the full jar to the empty one. And, of course, there are tracking apps on your phone.

These are great for Writing Everyday, Working out everyday, or… well, basically anything you want to do everyday.

As is important for any goal, make sure you set REALISTIC deadlines for yourself. Again, take me. Is it possible for me to get my Driver’s License before December 31st, 2018? Yes. Is it possible for me to pay off all my Student Loans before December 31st, 2018? HA. Try 2048.

As I said earlier, New Years isn’t the only time to change your life for the better, or to start working towards goals. If you want a definite start date, use Fourth of July. And remember, if you forget for a day, or you miss a week, don’t beat yourself up. Just take a deep breath, and continue working towards it the next day.

Remember what Thomas Edison said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Do you have any goals you’re working towards, or any cool ways you keep track of them? Let me know!


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