J-Mac is Back

This past Friday, June 29th, I went to the Jesse McCartney concert with one of my friends. Remember Beautiful Soul? Well, Jesse has grown up a lot since then, and has released a lot of music since. His most recent single, Better With You, is the name sake of the tour.

My friend Sam and I reached the Theater of Living Arts in South Philly around 3:30, and were the second in line for General Admissions. There we met two more amazing fans of J-Mac, and instantly made friends!


As more people lined up (and we made a few more friends), the doors opened early to allow those who paid for the VIP passes in (while we all died in the 90-something degree weather).

Of course, when we were finally let in, the group we developed rushed forward, and took our places right behind the VIPs, putting us close to the stage!

On the Better With You tour, Jesse had two opening acts. And the first ones, a band called PUBLIC, exploded onto stage with high energy and a surprising, epic rock sound.

Check out PUBLIC’s facebook page!

They were good. They raised the energy of the crowd, and they sounded amazing. The singer, John, was all over the stage while singing, and was very personable in between song, talking to the fans and hyping us up even more. For an unknown band from Cincinnati, Ohio, they were amazing. If you were wondering if that new single of your’s was good, PUBLIC? Yes. It’s amazing. Keep doing you.

Honestly… I can’t even think of a con of their performance.

The next performer, Nina Nesbitt, was calmer as she came onto stage, serenading us with beautiful ballads.

Check out Nina Nesbitt’s facebook page!

She had a beautiful voice, and was talented on both the keys and guitar. Her songs themselves were beautiful, too.

My biggest complaint, however, was that her set was mostly ballads. And while they sounded beautiful, they were slow. Almost boring. Perhaps it would have been better if she had come before PUBLIC? Unfortunately, she’s more known than the band, so I do understand why they didn’t do that.

Finally, around ten, the event we were all waiting for began.

Check out Jesse’s facebook here!

After an epic instrumental introduction by his band, Jesse burst onto stage with She’s No You from the Beautiful Soul album.

The energy and excitement in the TLA spiked as we all pressed forward, instantly wrapped up in Jesse’s performance. I had seen the Philly show for his 2014 In Technicolor tour, and I can honestly say this show blew that one out of the water.

Jesse was everywhere on stage, performing his music, ad libbing, and being an all around goof. It was clear he was enjoying himself up on stage. He even invited one fan up on stage and sang The Stupid Things (Beautiful Soul) to her, much to the jealousy of every other girl in the room.

As a bonus to the fans, Jesse even sung three new songs! Selfless, Soul, and Wasted. They all sounded amazing, but the meaning behind Soul really spoke to me on a deep level. Why? Well, you’ll just have to wait for him to release it to find out!

To finish the concert out, Jesse sang two very familiar songs. The first, which he invited Nina Nesbitt out to sing with him, was Bleeding Love. First recorded by British singer, Leona Lewis, it was actually joint written by Jesse himself and Ryan Tedder. The final song, of course, was the one that made a name for Jesse; Beautiful Soul.

And, of course, he finished the concert out with the song that made a name for him, Beautiful Soul.

On the technical side of things, the lighting effects were amazing. They were on point with the music, and the two screens that were on stage added to the performance. The sound was phenomenal as well. The background music didn’t drown out Jesse’s vocals, or vice versa. It helps that the Theater of Living Arts has amazing acoustics.

The only con I can think of was that I wasn’t the one that Jesse sang to on stage.

Kidding! (…kinda)

Overall, the concert was a lot of fun. I made new friends, found new music to follow (looking at you, PUBLIC!), and enjoyed an amazing performance from my favorite singer. The few cons were sore feet (it was standing room only) and a slow set in between PUBLIC and Jesse.

I can’t wait for more of Jesse’s new music to drop, especially the three new songs he sang at the concert.

Video Credits to Jesse McCartney’s official YouTube Channel.
Picture Credits to Samantha Shirk and myself.

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