The Music of Kingdom Hearts

Last Thursday, August 2nd, I got to go to a once in a lifetime concert.

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra — World Tour 2018 had their Philadelphia show this past week at The Mann Center of Performing Arts, a beautiful (though oddly set up) venue that puts on all kinds of concerts similar to this one.

Despite not having any exciting announcements, or Yoko Shimomura, the composer of most of the music in Kingdom Hearts, like the first show of the tour did, the night was a magical one. The World Tour features a full orchestra and choir of more than 100 highly talented musicians.

Synchronized with the musicians was a big-screen projection showing moments from the whole series that went with the music being currently played, bringing the emotion of the game and music to a much higher level. No lie, I was moved to tears a few times during the show.

Unfortunately, pictures and recordings were highly prohibited, on threat of being kicked out of the show. Because this was something I did not want to chance, I was unable to take pictures. However before the show and during intermission, my friend and I were able to get pictures of other concert goers who dressed up as characters from the series, including Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Naminé, and Sephiroth.

Overall, the show and music itself was amazing. Cons of the show centered mainly on the venue, with confusing seating arrangements (it took us nearly ten minutes to find our seats), and being an outdoor venue, so we had to deal with the heat and mosquitos. The sound quality was amazing, however, and the addition of fireflies blinking around the audience added to the magic of the show.

This night was a very special one for me, especially since I had wanted to attend the 2017 World Tour, in New York. My parents even almost let me and came along, but it happened to fall on the same weekend I was supposed to be walking for graduation from Full Sail University. As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series since 2001, I am glad I was finally able to have this opportunity and to share it with another true Kingdom Hearts fan. No offense, Mom and Dad.


Photo credit to Samantha Shirk and The Mann Center

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