Update and Return

Hey guys! Sorry for how long a hiatus that was. I was dealing with a lot, all at once.

I am no longer working at Walmart, for those of you who knew I was. Instead, I’ve been preparing for a different job that I have, and will start in November. Some of you know what that job is, but I’m gonna wait till a later post to delve more into that.

I’ve also been working on a freelance project that I think will finally get something of mine produced. I did the second step to that, and I’m waiting on the feedback for that now!

Finally, I have continued to work on a story for this blog. It’s not ready yet, but I am really excited to start posting it when it is.

Unfortunately, today’s blog is short, because it’s just updates about my life – which is boring anyway.

I’ll see you guys next week!

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