Hey guys! So, in one of my previous posts, I hinted at something big happening in my life. Well, this post is going to explain what that is!

Back in September, unsatisfied with my job at Walmart, I was hunting around on LinkedIn, searching for a new job where I would actually use my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I wasn’t having any luck, though, not in America.

But then, LinkedIn suggesting teaching English as a second language… in China. I looked into the company, and into the country a little… before deciding to apply.

And they called me back that night! Of course, with China a full twelve hours ahead of us (or thirteen right now, during Daylight Savings) it was literally the middle of the night. But they called me, and I did my first phone interview right there.

Liking me, they sent me an email with three locations to choose from, since this company is all over the world. I chose Jiaxing, which is right outside of Shanghai. And then, had my second phone interview.

At two in the morning.

Two days later, I woke up to an email with the contract inside, and the offer of Employment! YAY!

Since then, I’ve been setting up everything I need to do to move out over there. I had to apply for my passport, authenticate my degrees and what-not, do an online 120 hour course to earn my TEFL, which certifies me to teach English as a Foreign Language, and just recently, applied for my Work Visa, which I will be picking up form the Embassy tomorrow (Friday)!

The best part about this, though, is that I’m not going alone. Long time best friend, Sam (who you have seen pictures of in previous posts) also got an ESL Teaching job with the same company, in Jiaxing!

We fly out on December 31st, and we’re both super excited!

Don’t worry, loyal readers! I shall continue to update this blog. It might become more photos then anything else, though!

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