Other Samples

These are samples of my writing that are not in the script format. Only the first is the full sample. If you have any questions, email me at maryejones1992@gmail.com.

Fairy Tales: Their Evolution and How They Affect and are Effected by Modern Culture

Academic research paper. I examine three of the most popular fairy tales, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel, and explore the evolution of fairy tales (from the first versions, to Brother’s Grimm, to Disney), and how they affect and are effected by modern culture.

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Dragon Coven

Novel. Two hundred years ago, Aquilonis Island became a snowy wasteland, due to the Snow Dragon named Corin. Now, a young monk in training crosses paths with a treasure hungry pirate captain. Their destinies become hopelessly intertwined as they learn about their hidden powers and attempt to navigate the mysterious Dragon Coven. All of it seems to be connected to Corin of Aquilonis Island. But how? And is the Coven what they say they are, or are the Dragon Hunters the true good guys here?

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Concert Conundrums: Fetty Wap or Zoo Gang?

Published Article. Lock Haven University held its annual Spring Concert on Sunday, April 10. The headliner of the show, Fetty Wap, made sure the tickets sold out in the same week they went on sale. But did he live up to Lock Haven’s expectations?

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‘Rocky Horror’: A Sweet Transvestite, Aliens and Fabulous Heels

Published Article. Local theatre, the Millbrook Playhouse is performing its last play for the 2015 season, “The Rock Horror Show.” Written by Richard O’Brian and directed by David E. Leidholdt, this amazing play features love, a sweet transvestite, aliens and fabulous heels.

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The Vault: “Come on Slam, and Welcome to the Jam!”

Published Article. Within the dark recesses of the vault, behind all of the stuff from the 90’s that is just freaking awesome, is the amazing movie that is “Space Jam”.

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“His Dark Material” Trilogy Still a Fan Favorite

Published Article. Who remembers the book series about Dust? About a little girl who grew up in a world, parallel to ours and had a huge destiny on her shoulders that she could only carry out without knowing of it? A book series about a young boy on a mission to find his father, and who had a responsibility much bigger than him thrust on his shoulders? A series about a nun-turned-scientist who finds her way into a new world?

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Horror Game Give Thrills and Chills

Published Article. “Help… Find me…” These three chilling words open “Misao”, a free to play Horror Adventure game. “Misao” covers some very sensitive topics, giving it its nature of a Horror game. It is aimed at people who are 15 years of age or older.

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