Script Samples

These are not the full scripts. If you would like to see the full script, email me at

The Game

One-Hour Original Pilot: Two college freshmen — a polite athlete and a rude intellect — have to find a way to live together while tackling the challenges of both college and the puzzling cases they find themselves investigating.

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Rising Dawn

One-Hour Original Pilot: After the death of her parents, a young woman moves in with her private detective uncle and helps him with the supernatural cases he tackles, all the while trying to find her parents’ killer.

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Round Table

Original Animation Pilot: A skeptical high school student finds himself the new leader of an ancient, secret organization dedicated to protecting the world from darkness after following his girlfriend and best friend to one of the meetings.

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Short Film: An impulsive college freshmen searches for a magical serial killer that targets non-mages. She must figure out who he is and bring him to justice in order to protect her non-mage loved ones.

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